Maria Couto

Senior Property Manager

Maria is a people - orientated professional with exemplary knowledge and interpersonal skills that allow her to provide exceptional service to property owners and tenants alike.

She has a strong passion for property and working in real estate has been a dream of hers for most of her life. She loves the day to day challenges presented by property management and tackles them with enthusiasm, dedication and an unsurpassed level of professionalism.

Born in Uruguay, Maria speaks fluent Spanish and she thoroughly enjoys dealing with and getting to know all her clients and their different needs and backgrounds. She always maintains an acute awareness of her clients expectations and requirements and provides honest and open communication and advice.

As a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Maria has dedicated over 13 years to the Property Management profession in the St George area. As part of the property management team, her role is to advise investment property owners on maximizing their profits, finding appropriate tenants and creating a secure and pleasant balance between tenant and investor needs.

Maria provides her clients with a mature and ethical approach when handling all property enquiries. Her honesty, friendly disposition and sound work ethic, are paramount to achieving and exceeding client expectations at every level.